Forum Codes

Forum Codes is a variation on the HTML tags you may already be familiar with. Basically, it allows you to add functionality or style to your message that would normally require HTML. You can use Forum Codes even if HTML is not enabled for the forum you are using.

Supported tags:

  • B, I, U, H, S styles
    [h]header[/h] (available for some users)

  • COLOR, SIZE, FACE (available for some users)

  • URL
    My favourite site[/url]

  • IMG image
    [img=my hint][/img]

  • [email][/email]
    Contact Us[/email]

  • LIST

    Unordered, bulleted list
    [*] First line.      
    [*] Second line.
  • Fisrt line.
  • Second line.
  • Ordered lists
    [*] First line.      
    [*] Second line.
    1. Fisrt line.
    Second line.

    Ordered lists A-Z
    [*] First line.      
    [*] Second line.
    A. Fisrt line.
    Second line.

  • QUOTE, Q
    [quote]quote text[/quote] or [q]quote text[/q]
    [quote=author]quote text[/quote] or [q=автор цитаты]quote text[/q]
  • CODE
    [code]print "Hello World!"[/code]

  • PRE
    [pre]print "Hello World!"[/pre]

  • RUS переконвертация из латиницы/транслита на русский.
    [rus]privet! ya mogu pisat' po-russki![/rus]
    [rus2]privet! ya mogu pisat' po-russki![/rus2]
    При использование тега [rus] в сообщение автоматически вставляется приписка "автоперевод с транслита"

    Некоторые нюансы перевода:
    Е, е
    E, e
    Ж, ж ZH, zh
    Й, й J, j
    Ц, ц C, c
    Ч, ч CH, ch
    Ш, ш SH, sh
    Щ, щ SCH, sch
    ы y
    ь ' (апостроф)
    Ь `
    Э, э -E, -e
    Ю, ю JU, ju
    Я, я JA, ja

  • HR line

  • TABLE, TR, TH, TD таблицы, they are used in analogy with HTML (available for some users)

    [table][tr][th colspan=2] Header [/th][/tr][tr][td] Text#1 [/td][td] Text2#2 [/td][/tr][/table]

    Text#1 Text#2

Forum Codes is not case-sensitive, [url] = [URL].

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